Satyendra Nainwal


Satyendra Nainwal

Sr Product Lead, Uber

Satyendra is a Senior Product Lead at Uber. His current role focuses on leveraging machine learning and human input, together, to create apps & feedback loops foundational to powering Uber experiences. At Uber, Satyendra is the Co-founder and Global Product Lead of Global Scale Solutions (GSS)- the newest of Uber's ~10 Areas. Among many other roles, He is also the Founder and PM lead for Uber Maps Differentiators, where he grew the project from incubation to adoption by Uber Rides, Eats, Freight apps in 300+ cities. Satyendra has deep expertise in Design, Technology, and Strategy and is passionate about designing delightful experiences at the intersection of these. He does his best work in teams that are interdisciplinary, focused on *shipping* products, move (thoughtfully) fast and work on challenging problems where design solutions are not obvious and involve both high risk and high reward. Satyendra holds an undergraduate degree in Design, focusing on Human-Computer Interaction, and my graduate degree is in Social Computing, with electives in Business Strategy. He is a Product Manager with over 10 years of experience shipping thoughtfully designed, high-performance software used by millions and even billions of people.

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