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Sean Mack

CEO, xOps

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Sean Mack is an innovative executive based in New York City. Sean Mack graduated with an MBA in Business Administration from Seattle University. As a result of his education, Sean Mack has been able to benefit from the skills he learned, like program management and infrastructure management.

Sean has been able to supply the demands of infrastructure companies over the course of his career. Infrastructure needs such as product development and quality control can be expressed through a host of career channels, including business management. As a business major, he has been educated by the other individuals in his field, and also worked directly with troubled companies that experienced financial turmoil. When these companies plummeted, Sean was able to raise their revenue and as a result of his efforts, these companies have been able to regain their momentum in the field of business. 

With experience in the global business market, Sean can assist the owners and CEOs on how to expand and upgrade their companies. With significant expansion, companies can begin new business ventures such as new software development. Sean has been noted for his ability to provide budgets closing statements in a timely manner. Budgets that are compiled in accordance to enterprise standards that allow for a smooth transition between quarterly business reports. These types of budgets minimize the risk involved with business equity ventures, therefore resulting in higher levels of success.

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