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Shayla Gomez

Insights Manager, Glassbox

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Shayla Gomez is a Business Insights Manager with a strong background in the airline, travel, and hospitality sectors. With a keen eye for digital health and customer experience, she is adept at leveraging tools like Glassbox to provide holistic insights. Shayla excels in Adobe Analytics and tag management systems, enabling her to deliver valuable website health reports to stakeholders. Her passion for visual analytics solutions in the airline and hospitality industries makes her a valuable contributor to the field.

In her current role at Glassbox, Shayla has been instrumental in developing strategies for major clients, enhancing digital performance through KPI measurements, and establishing fraud prevention analysis. Her insights have driven web optimization initiatives and demonstrated Glassbox's benefits to diverse customer personas. She takes pride in fostering professional growth among her colleagues, consistently ensuring excellent service and high customer satisfaction.

In her past roles at JetBlue, Shayla served as an Analyst for Digital Insights and Coordinator for Digital Customer Analytics. Her responsibilities included managing digital site health, manipulating data for meaningful insights, facilitating cross-team collaborations, and conducting quality analyses. Shayla's contribution to optimization projects during the coronavirus pandemic exemplifies her adaptability and innovative thinking.

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