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Shikha Gulhar


Shikha Gulhar

Senior Product Manager, Expedia Group

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Shikha is a Senior Global Product Manager at Expedia Group. She is an accomplished professional with diverse experience in owning and managing customer-facing products (and platforms), analyzing and road-mapping market opportunity and customer segmentation. Shikha’s product philosophy is customer-driven thinking (customer-centricity), Datafying products (Machine Learning & AI), Simplifying (Less is more), Power of feedback (test and learn, feedback loops). She is forte in fully managing and meeting delivery expectations with customers through the entire product implementation. Shikha is highly adept at conducting analysis to expose product, project, and operational risks. Moreover, she is experienced in stakeholder management where she has created and managed expectations of stakeholders involved in the complete product cycle from introduction to maturity. Shikha is a start-Up enthusiast who has successfully rolled out products for three start-up companies with an acumen for tailoring business strategies to suit the size of the company and product profile. 

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