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Shilpa Vir

Product Lead at Google. Formerly at eBay & Microsoft.

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Shilpa Vir is an extremely skilled Product Manager and leader with a passion for delivering business results, and her enthusiasm for doing the right thing for the customer is contagious. Currently, she’s a Product Lead for Google working on Google Workspace. Her previous focus was on Google Ads.

Prior to her current role, Shilpa was a Group Product Manager for eBay for over four years. While in this role, Shilpa excelled in leading a group of cross-functional people and teams and won the prestigious eBay Culture Luminary Award for her work. One of her earliest jobs was as an Engineering Lead for Yahoo!, building amazing products for the website. She first gained experience in Product Management working at Microsoft.

Shilpa combines her strong business acumen with adept technical skills to think creatively to solve customer needs. She has built solid relationships with key partners across many business domains and has worked tenaciously to drive meaningful change. When faced with unexpected challenges, Shilpa brings creative thinking and works collaboratively to define new solutions—all while remaining relentlessly focused on delivering key customer needs. Shilpa’s very sharp, and as a Lead Product Manager, she thinks holistically about how to create sustainable solutions and uses approaches that are scalable across the business.

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