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Shiva Arunachalam

Product Leader at Uber. Formerly at Disney & Yahoo.

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Shiva Arunachalam is an Analytics and Mobile focused Product Evangelist with over 10 years of experience in building products, delivering data solutions, products in the Personalization, Optimization, Ad/Martech, Data Science, and App Management space that have impacted over 100 million users worldwide and have consistently generated over $50 million in annual revenue.

Currently, he’s an Uber Product Lead managing the channel Communication Platforms at Uber for all apps across all regions. The products send over 150B messages annually, all valued at $1B in incremental revenue to Uber.

Though, Shiva began overseeing AdTech, managing Uber's Targeting and Personalization product stack for all Marketing needs across all products. Soon after, he managed Uber's Optimization Platform for Paid Search Marketing that supports all their Search initiatives across all LoB (Eats, Rides, Drivers, Restaurants) to drive efficiencies in marketing spend.

Shiva first gained experience in Product Management at Nomis Solutions, where he managed solution and Product design for the Nomis Price Optimizer for solutions in pricing for Personal Lending, Home Equity Lending, Auto Finance, and Mortgages. He then went on to work as a Product Manager at Walt Disney, working closely with the product development and customer insights teams to help drive product roadmap, requirement definitions, and delivery of the products. 

Additionally, Shiva was a Product Manager at Yahoo, managing products and services that enable Yahoo!'s mobile properties to analyze user behavior and report operational and performance metrics. 

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