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Sidharth Sehgal

Product Leader, Meta

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Sidharth Sehgal is a Meta Product Leader with 14 years of experience in both engineering and product management. He has built online services, enterprise, consumer, and mobile applications. He previously worked on Engineering and Product Management at Amazon, where he led the Alexa Personality experiences team. He worked on some of the most used Alexa features such as jokes, stories, songs, greetings, and questions about Alexa's capabilities and features. Before joining that team he dealt with discovery features on the Amazon mobile shopping app and Amazon Spark on Andriod. He also spent almost a year working as a Senior Technical Program Manager for Amazon Web Services.

Before that, Sidharth spent just over 10 years working for Microsoft in both India and the US. His roles included Deployment Lead, Program Manager, Senior Developer, and finally Product Manager. He gained a huge variety of experience through his work on various programs and platforms including Microsoft Outlook and Visual Studio. He also was a member of the organization team for a company-wide hackathon that involved over 10,000 employees.

Sidharth is a caring manager who is always willing to support and guide his team members of all levels. He truly believes in the ideas of those around him and is always willing to help make those ideas a reality. He has been described as a key resource and even a visionary by one colleague. He also isn't just an ideas man, he is a doer who will deliver on his ideas and promises.

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