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Sparsh Agarwal

Former Principal Product Manager, LinkedIn

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Sparsh has been working in the Product world for over five years, currently, he is part of the Product team at Earnin. He and his team are working on leveraging technology and their unique operating philosophy to build a fair financial system for all. Before his current role, he spent time as Director of Product Management at Hinge Health. There he built products that helped people prevent and alleviate back and other joint pain. He was also involved in lots of experimentation on engagement, growth, and retention for the company.

His first official Product title was as Product Manager at LinkedIn. After one year in this role, he was promoted to Principal Product Manager, leading the founding team for LinkedIn Pages. Alongside his team he reimagined Pages from the ground up, working to make it simpler for organizations to build their LinkedIn presence. Sparsh also has experience working as a Software Engineer and Program Manager at Microsoft.

Sparsh earned his Bachelor's in Computer Science from Nanyang Technological University. He graduated with First Class Honors, was awarded the President's Research Scholarship, and was a part of the prestigious Dean's List. Sparsh also holds an MBA from Harvard Business School. In this program, he also graduated with Academic Honors in the top 10% of his class. Additionally, he holds a Graduate Certificate from the University of Washington in User-Centered Design.

According to his colleagues, Sparsh is very full of energy, resourceful, and incredibly work-focused. He brings value to any team he is a part of when it comes to delivering features, coming up with creative ideas, and seeing them through. He is a quick thinker with keen attention to detail. On top of all of this, his passion for a powerful user experience inspires his entire team to deliver truly monumental products.

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