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Stefania Olafsdóttir

CEO, Avo

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Stefania is dedicating her time to solve one very important problem, the time product teams are wasting on implementing useless analytics. As the CEO and Co-Founder of Avo, she is creating a way for teams to ship faster without compromising data quality. In her role she truly does it all, working on product, fundraising, operations, sales, marketing, finance, user experience, and pretty much everything else.

Before starting Avo, she was Co-Founder her first company, Viska. Working also as a Chairperson she again was a part of pretty much every aspect of running the business and launching their product. Being part of a small team meant stepping into many roles across departments in order to keep the company running smoothly.

Before really stepping into these entrepreneurial positions, Stefania worked for QuizUp. She began with them as Head of the Data Science division where she worked on more than 10 challenging but successful projects. She then joined the revenue management team where she worked as a Server/Data/Revenue Engineer. In this position, she moved relocated to New York City with a small team and opened up an office to sell and develop their B2B products.

Stefania's entrepreneur side can be seen even during her studies at the University of Iceland when she founded Náttverk, the Student Interests Association of the School of Engineering and Natural Sciences back in 2009. Here she earned her Bachelor of Science with a focus on Mathematics. She was an excellent student, earning a first-class grade.

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