Steven Seiller


Steven Seiller

Senior Product Manager, Service Alternatives

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Over 20 years at Service Alternatives, Inc., Steven Seiller helped upwards of a quarter-million learners to respectfully de-escalate people who are upset, yelling, even violent, with conflict management and safety strategies that lead to transformative relationships. As a Product Manager, he enhanced the business connection within Human Services with strategic innovation and technology. Today, Steven works to enhance the human connections within technology and business services to create interactions that are more effective, efficient and energizing. Steven’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to pursue his passions and found his own business, Summit Lights Photography. During his lucrative career, he has also served for 6 years as a Team Captain and up to the present day as the President of Northwest Old Boys Rugby Football Club. His impressive versatile skill set and varied interests are a perfect blend for his career. As Ambiguity Adventure Guide, Steven leads groups of diverse stakeholders on purpose-driven journeys to discover new possibilities and opportunities for growth. He is a human-centered designer of B2B, B2C products and services as vehicle for delivering beloved user experiences, community engagement, and long-term growth. As Consummate collaborator, Steven helps others transform ideas into successful experiences so they become more effective, efficient, and energetic. The value he creates within any project is found in the conscientious questions he brings to clarify conflicts, establish strategic paths of development, and to facilitate a shared journey to a desired goal. Passionately pursuing progress, Steven has diverse and extensive experience serving in Product Management, Service Design and Community-building Programs.

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