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Sukanya Ramabadran


Sukanya Ramabadran

Product Marketing Manager, Vivensity

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Sukanya is a Marketing Professional with expertise in Product Marketing, Growth Marketing, and Digital Marketing. She is currently a Product Marketing Manager at Vivensity, an early-stage startup. She, therefore, handles a wide range of tasks including competitive intelligence, GoToMarket strategy, and product positioning. Sukanya started her professional career at Pantaloon Company and L’Oreal, in India, before taking a managing role at the Coca Cola Company. During her tenure at Coca Cola, she worked on marketing campaigns for product launches, content development and pricing strategies. She then moved from big corporations to work for smaller companies. In California, she worked for several startups and founded her own marketing agency called Social Mint. This has helped her to gather a very wide range of experience in the field of marketing. Colleagues describe Sukanya as a very detail-oriented and highly motivated person, with great creativity when developing marketing campaigns. The start of Sukanyas academic career was a Bachelor of Science in Information Systems Management at the University of Madras, followed by a Master’s degree in Information Technology. She also worked as a research associate focused on Supply Chain Management at the Nanyang Technological University. This wide range of experiences and excellent communication skills make Sukanya an incredibly compelling speaker.

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