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Susan "Spark" Park

Head of Product Marketing, Ex-Meta, Spotify & Google

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Susan "Spark" Park is a distinguished figure in Product Marketing renowned for her expertise in leveraging customer and industry intelligence to drive exponential growth in revenue and product usage. Recognized as one of the most Influential Product Marketers in the industry and honored as a top Product Marketing mentor by Sharebird, Spark's career exemplifies visionary leadership and transformative innovation.

With a storied career spanning influential roles at Meta, Spotify, and Google, Spark has consistently reshaped the tech landscape. At Meta, she served as the Head of Product Marketing for Oculus VR Work Experiences & Fitness, orchestrating strategic initiatives to propel virtual reality into new realms of adoption and success. Her tenure at Facebook prior to their rebranding saw her lead an international team of Product Marketers, driving the expansion of the Global Gaming Ads business with her adept navigation of market complexities and consumer insights.

Spark's journey is defined by her trailblazing contributions to companies like Spotify and Google. At Spotify, she pioneered the Ads Product Marketing function, catalyzing transformative shifts from Desktop to Mobile and steering the company to unprecedented growth, setting the stage for a successful IPO. As a Global Product Lead at Google, Spark's commercialization efforts of Remarketing/Retargeting solutions left an indelible mark, influencing product roadmaps and achieving remarkable billion-dollar run rates. Armed with a Bachelor of Science in Journalism from Northwestern University, Spark seamlessly blends her passion for storytelling with technical prowess, delivering narratives that captivate audiences worldwide. Beyond her professional endeavors, Spark remains committed to social impact, volunteering with Habitat for Humanity International, underscoring her dedication to creating positive change in the industry and the community.

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