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Susmitha Burra


Susmitha Burra

Product Manager, GroupBy

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Susmitha is currently a Product Manager at GroupBy, a B2B eCommerce cloud platform. She began her professional career as a Software Engineer at PayPal. She moved into Product Management 3 years ago as a Product Owner. Susmitha is a multidisciplinary problem solver with experience in product development, tech and design who has built successful B2C mobile/web products for organizations like RBC and HydroOne, from concept to launch as well as leading mature products.

During her lucrative career, Susmitha has built websites and mobile apps used by millions of users. At PayPal, with 2 years of technical front end experience focusing on building web features for users, she has shipped digital products on both iOS and Android platforms. With a background of over 3 years of proven product management experience of owning and delivering ambitious products, she has supported both start-ups and enterprises, in various markets including eCommerce, FinTech and Banking.

She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and IT from Victoria University, graduating in the top 5% of the class, along with obtaining Graduate Diploma in Systems Analysis and a Master of Technology in Software Engineering, both from the National University of Singapore. Deeply passionate about creating and launching successful web and mobile applications, Susmitha strives to keep delighting users with her work while meeting business objectives.

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