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Taciano Moraes


Taciano Moraes

Product Manager, EduJob

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Taciano currently leads a development team in India as Product Manager at EduJob, developing a product that grew to 150k users in 10 months with no additional spend. He is also a Professor at the Institute of Informatics at UFG and at Semprendeende - School of Entrepreneurship and Innovation. He has more than 11 years of experience with projects spanning different countries, launching products used by hundreds of thousands of people and giving consultancy and training about innovation. Taciano has worked as Product Manager at Coupa Inc, a Silicon Valley startup valued at more than U$1B, and at Media Lab UFG, the 3rd largest in the world. He liaised with Cornerstone OnDemand in the US to integrate it with leading HR software in Brazil and ran Google Design Sprints in 3 states around Brazil on a nationwide innovation project. He was also a curator and organizer of 7 TEDx events, managing and leading teams of 50 people and awarded by TED, among the most active organizers in the world, a full scholarship trip to Doha - Qatar, at the world gathering of TEDx organizers. Taciano holds an MS in Software Management from Carnegie Mellon University - Silicon Valley (NASA campus) with Fulbright Scholarship and also had courses in Design Thinking from Stanford University and Google Design Sprint nano degree from Udacity.

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