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Tal Flanchraych


Tal Flanchraych

Head of Product at YoGov. Former Amazon & WagLabs

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Tal Flanchraych builds addictive products, platforms, and marketplaces that people love and come to rely on, especially as part of ambitious market strategies and using evidence-based, user-centered methods. Her toolkit: a deep knowledge of mobile, a love of human psychology, regular introspection, and a decade of experience.

She's recently joined YoGov to take on the challenge of building "omg-this-is-amazing" experiences around the country's most-maligned government offices, including the DMV, so if you ever need a passport renewed or an expedited DMV appointment, just let her know!

As an extrovert and a lifelong learner, she is fulfilled by creating deep working relationships with sharp people and helping develop ambitious, tight-knit teams. As a manager, she endeavors to make herself redundant by empowering people smarter than herself. And at heart, she is a social scientist, so to her, building products is an ongoing exercise in applied psychology. In practice, she is also a bit subversive -- she's systems-oriented, deeply skeptical, and has a spidey-sense for finding loopholes and opportunities.

Outside of her day job, she is an instructor at Product School and a mentor at Microverse. Other interests include behavioral science, dog rescue work, fiction, shoe shopping, dark humor, and extreme sports, though in reality she spends most of her spare time chasing around my nutter of a dog. She's also an amateur psychiatrist at the School of WebMD; the brain fascinates her and she has been known to impose her diagnoses on friends, family, and unsuspecting strangers.

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