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Tanay Jaeel

Product Leader, Stripe

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Tanay Jaeel is a Product Leader at Stripe, creating capital products and growing their lending platform. Before this, he worked as a Product Manager at Google, building FinTech products that helped to better customers' financial health. Tanay has also spent time working on Product Management at LinkedIn. During his time there he founded a new product team that focused on the frontline and hourly workforce job search experience. Tanay kicked off his career with internships at two top-notch companies, The Boston Consulting Group and Salesforce.

Tanay earned his Bachelor's in Business Administration from the University of California, Berkeley. After graduating, he went on to get his Master's in Management Science, Public Policy, and Global Affairs from Schwarzman Scholars. He was a leading student in both of his programs, finishing with a near-perfect GPA.

Tanay is praised by his colleagues for his positive energy, commitment, passion, and work ethic. He is a versatile worker who will not hesitate to fill a gap even if it is outside of his role. He also has an incredible energy that is so contagious it uplifts those around him to reach new heights.

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