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Tanvi Surti


Tanvi Surti

Senior Product Manager, Uber

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Tanvi is a Product Manager at Uber, where she works on building dispatching and pricing tech to make transportation accessible and affordable to people around the world. She is passionate about delivering software products that people love using - Edge, Microsoft Translator and now Uber. Every day, Tanvi strives to learn from people that surround her and help teams direct their energy in an efficient manner and to be a part of workplaces that are inclusive yet entertaining. Prior to Uber, Tanvi worked on translation problems at Microsoft and tried her hand at entrepreneurship by building a gig-economy platform in India. At the core of what she works on, Tanvi believes good products have first, a moral core, second, a strong set of guiding principles and finally, data. She takes a multidisciplinary approach that encompasses the fields of media, technology and human connection in order to deliver the highest user satisfaction, which she considers to be a top priority for all the features she owns. She has obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science from Bryn Mawr College. During her lucrative career, Tanvi developed an array of projects ranging from various Chrome extensions to web-based games; She has also been granted 7 patents for her inventions.

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