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Tarun Gangwani


Tarun Gangwani

Head of Product at Twitch

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Tarun is a seasoned Product and Design professional who prides himself on his ability to deliver user-centered solutions for startups as well as well-established enterprises. Today, he leads Product at Twitch, scaling the company’s product opportunities to countless developers every day. 

Parallel to his studies, he began his professional career in UX Design, perfectly balancing his academic pursuits with his work responsibilities. Upon graduation, he took up a position at IBM, where he has spent nearly 3 years, holding various Design roles and ultimately breaking into Product. With his background in cognitive science and design, Tarun takes a multidisciplinary approach to deliver innovative user experiences across the industries of Computer Software and IT & Services. During his tenure at IBM, his experience also included leadership roles where he coordinated people and projects to revolutionize the way enterprise organizations used platform services. Moreover, he is a thought leader whose perspectives and work have been featured in major news publications, such as the New York Times,, and Forbes.

He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Cognitive Science, Psychology and Philosophy along with a Master’s degree in Human-Computer Interaction-Design, both from Indiana University Bloomington. A recipient of numerous tech awards, Tarun is a sought-after speaker who inspires others to take initiative and improve their professional performance.

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