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Teresa Ferreira da Silva

Senior Product Manager, Farfetch

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Teresa Ferreira da Silva is an accomplished Senior Product Manager with a strong background in supply chain, transportation, and customs. In her current role at FARFETCH, she is responsible for developing a long-term strategy and aligning products within the company's key strategic pillars. She has demonstrated exceptional skills in increasing product awareness, ensuring alignment with the overall vision, and establishing strong connections between product development and strategic objectives. Teresa's consultative approach has proven invaluable in enhancing products through collaboration with development teams.

Previously as a Product Manager for Supply Chain Products, Teresa showcased her proficiency in order management and workflow optimization. She was instrumental in driving stakeholder alignment, creating compelling product visions, and delivering scalable solutions in close collaboration with engineering teams. Her contributions were particularly significant in orchestrating the order lifecycle for more than 600,000 monthly orders across 190 countries, ensuring efficiency and seamless operations.

Prior to her roles at FARFETCH, Teresa held the position of Customs & Project Manager at Parfois, where she played a pivotal role in implementing a new ERP system and spearheading bonded warehouse projects. Her responsibilities encompassed ensuring customs compliance, managing import operations, and providing training to suppliers on the new ERP system. Teresa's meticulous approach to customs compliance and her ability to navigate complex international regulations significantly contributed to operational efficiency.

Teresa's commitment, thoughtfulness, and integrity have consistently made her a valuable asset in every endeavor she undertakes. From her work at the South Africa Consulate to her current position at FARFETCH, Teresa's dedication and exemplary work ethic have garnered admiration and respect. Her passion for excellence and her ability to drive impactful results make her an invaluable member of any organization.

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