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Thomas Blomberg

Lead Product Manager, DocuSign

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Thomas Blomberg is an accomplished Lead Product Manager with a wealth of experience spanning seven domains and over 19 years. He is highly skilled in driving customer-focused product strategy and development, gathering feedback from customers, industry analysts, and development teams to shape product roadmaps and vision. Thomas is dedicated to delivering solutions that address real-world problems and provide exceptional value to end-users. He firmly believes in the pivotal role of user experience in shaping product success.

As the Lead Product Manager at DocuSign, Thomas holds a pivotal role in the development and strategy of a groundbreaking product. Leveraging real-time agreement processing and NLP using machine learning transformer models, his product plays a critical role for Fortune 100 companies. By extracting vital legal information from agreements related to risk, opportunity, and compliance, Thomas enables businesses to make informed decisions. He adeptly manages the product roadmap and backlog, leading a cross-functional team comprising product managers, architects, data scientists, marketers, and senior leadership.

With his proficiency in natural language processing (NLP), legal technology, machine learning, Microsoft Azure Machine Learning, contractual agreements, data science, and product management, Thomas brings a comprehensive skill set to his role. Prior to joining DocuSign, he served as a Senior Product Manager at TIBCO, where he spearheaded self-service data access and inline data wrangling capabilities. Before starting in the world of product, he worked as a Software Engineer, early on in his career.

Thomas is highly regarded for his approachability, efficiency, and dedication to mentoring and developing high-performing teams. He effectively communicates product direction through compelling keynote presentations and webinars, both domestically and internationally. Throughout his career, Thomas has earned a reputation for being detail-oriented, efficient, and capable of establishing an overview while handling essential issues.

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