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Thomas Koch

Head of Product & Technology, sofatutor GmbH

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Thomas Koch likes to break ranks. He found his "why" in challenging himself and others. Whether it be it physically by competing in an Ironman competition or a bike race across Europe or mentally by becoming a master in the art of Backgammon. He also challenged himself during his role as a Product Leader by restructuring team environments and inspiring people to explore new ideas in foreign domains.

Thomas grew up in Egypt, Greece, and Germany. He studied computer science and the German language in Berlin. His strength is a mix of creativity and a structured, analytical way of thinking. After working as a developer in the domains of innovation management and browser games for a short period he discovered his passion for Product Management. At Thomas took on the DIY approach that is ingrained in the companies' culture and learned about UX, UCD, JTBD, MVP, MAU, CRO, CPA, SEO, CI, DOD, WIP, OKR, and many other funny acronyms that seem to be the bread and butter of a Product Manager.

Today Thomas is heading a team of 23 Developers, Product Owners, Designers, and more. Together with this team, he moved the product development at from waterfall to agile, from delivery to discovery, and from lucky guessing to data-driven decision making. In recent years Thomas has become more and more interested in topics around entrepreneurship. He likes to get his hands dirty by creating and testing prototypes. He is currently moonlighting a couple of personal projects in the sports & fitness domain, so maybe that's what the next challenge is going to be about.

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