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Tim Simms

Director of Engineering, Fullstory

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Tim Simms is a visionary software engineer who understands that building software and teams share a common blueprint. Just like constructing a masterpiece, you must understand your tools, have a well-thought-out plan, and vigilantly identify any glitches in the system. With an impressive career spanning over two years as FullStory's Director of Engineering, Tim has been instrumental in advancing the capabilities of this Digital Experience Analytics company. He's known for his obsession with customer centricity and leads his teams in crafting value-driven solutions. By doing so, he helps FullStory's customers unlock the true potential of their product, creating unparalleled digital experiences. Tim is not just a builder; he's a creator of digital landscapes, and his insights on software engineering and entrepreneurship shine through his content and speeches.

As an engineering manager, Tim constantly innovates in his work and team-building strategies. His influence extends beyond technology to culture, where he spearheads events and maintains an infectiously positive attitude, serving as an exemplary figure. Tim's management style fosters collaboration, and he is known for empowering his teams to exceed their goals. He excels at creating a productive, collaborative work environment, consistently exceeding client expectations, and developing high-quality software.

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