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Toby Martin Hughes


Toby Martin Hughes

Product Lead, Tesco

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Toby Martin Hughes is a Lead Product Manager who has worked with start-ups and established companies to build educational and consumer technology products from proof of concept, to scale. He is currently working at Tesco on developing the future of the retail checkout experience. He is also a mentor at Revive; a platform that helps people across a number of different sectors to find work.

Previously, Toby has helped build products that introduce students to coding and electronics. Additionally, he was involved in the development of a smart wearable camera. Over his more than eight years working across these products, he has successfully launched a Kickstarter product (that reached its goal within the first four hours), positively influenced governmental policy in coding and electronics by rolling out a tailored product and learning framework, and supported the fundraising of over £20 million across a variety of different series investment rounds. A number of these products are still positively inspiring students in classrooms across the world, including in his hometown of Sydney, Australia.

Toby's experience working across these complex software and hardware products has taught him the importance of empathizing with the customer as well as navigating what investors/key stakeholders require to achieve financial stability. His passion for learning and product development has led him to Product School, where he is looking forward to collaborating with aspiring product people.

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