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Umakanta Sahu

Product Management Leader, Revolut

With an extensive background in product management, Umakanta Sahu has solidified his reputation as a dynamic leader in the field. Currently driving innovation at Revolut as a Product Management Leader, he excels in executing strategic solutions that align with business objectives, meticulously guiding projects from conceptualization to realization. His journey is marked by a progression of impactful roles, each showcasing his aptitude for leading cross-functional teams and propelling projects to success.

In addition to his current role, he has also held a variety of product positions at industry-leading companies. During his time at Uber, he focused on risk management to enhance payment security, and at Amazon, he played a pivotal role in the Last Mile Tech Business Intelligence and Analytics team, shaping the success of new product launches. His multifaceted experiences underscore his commitment to innovation, data-driven decision-making, and effective strategy execution. His exceptional problem-solving skills, combined with a hands-on leadership style and a keen drive for learning, have consistently propelled him to excel in the fast-paced realm of product management.

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