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Varsha Lalwani

Product Lead, Grammarly

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Varsha Lalwani, a dedicated Product Lead at Grammarly, brings a unique blend of skills honed through an 8-year journey transitioning from Data Science to Product Management. Advocating for gender equality and mental health, Varsha has left her mark on diverse projects, including fraud prevention, automated bidding, and recommendation systems on a global scale. Her passion for improving communication and promoting inclusivity is evident in her recent role at Grammarly, where she collaborates with NLP teams to enhance grammatical error correction and foster more inclusive language choices.

In her current position, Varsha is at the forefront of building a platform with machine learning tools at Grammarly, aiming to launch safe, fair, and responsible AI products. Her standout skills include product strategy, leadership, and a strategic approach to creating products at scale. During her tenure at Delivery Hero, Varsha played a crucial role as a Senior Product Manager, spearheading initiatives such as item recommendations for food and groceries and implementing incentive fraud prevention measures. Colleagues commend her for her leadership, problem-solving abilities, and commitment to delivering tangible results.

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