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Varun Baruah

Product Manager, Razorthink Inc.

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Varun is a seasoned Product leader focussed on traction and growth. He is passionate about building products that make users productive every day.

Varun started off his professional career in Engineering at Tata Consultancy Services and Ericsson. Shortly after, he broke into Product and co-founded an India's leading startup to use Alternative Learning for Sales Effectiveness - Outsell. Today, he is a Product Manager for Enterprise-Grade AI Platform at Razorthink where his main responsibilities include traction & growth and speeding up go-to-market time. Varun enjoys stepping into the shoes of users to evaluate the Anti-Product Roadmap which will drive their periodic engagement & retention. For each organization he leads, Varun has achieved transformative success and helped companies meet their desired objectives and achieve business results. He always strives to bring a high level of energy into his work and truly believes that working with good people is the key, everything else will follow. His areas of expertise include Product Development, Customer Success: Deployment, and User Engagement.

He earned a Bachelor of Technology degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering. On top of his academic and professional endeavors, Varun is also a Mentor of Change for Atal Tinkering Lab and an avid volunteer supporting India Against Corruption. Outside of his day job routine and passion for technology, his interests include music and sports.

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