Varun Krishna


Varun Krishna

Sr VP & Head of Consumer Finance, Mint

Varun is a hands-on experienced product executive. At the moment, he is leading a cross-functional team as a Senior VP and Head of Consumer Finance for Mint at Intuit. He previously worked on their TurboTax product as SVP and VP of Product. He is also a Fellow at the venture capital firm, Tidemark. He also has experience working as Senior Director of Product for PayPal, specifically their in-store experience before moving onto the App & Website. He has also spent time as Groupon's mobile apps and POS Director of Product and Betterwork's VP of Product and Design. His product career really kicked off during his almost nine years at Microsoft where he worked on a variety of teams as Senior and Group Product Manager and Speechwriter for their Executive staff. Varun studied at the University of Waterloo, earning a Bachelor's of Applied Science in Computer Engineering.

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