Vignesh Sundaram


Vignesh Sundaram

Former Senior Product Manager, eBay

Vignesh Sundaram is a Product Management professional building products that make people's lives easier. Currently, he is working as a Technical PM II at the cloud management platform, SkyKick. He previously worked as a Senior Product Manager at eBay. There, he collaborated with teams across the organization to upgrade the buyer experience on both the web and mobile platforms. Before that, he was at T-Mobile as a Technical PM. He has also worked as a Technical PM at Microsoft and as a Technical Program Manager at Cloudix Inc. His first role in the technology world was as a Business Analyst at Amazon.

Vignesh is a great person to have on your team when you need to think creatively and come up with new ideas. His colleagues praise his energy and optimism. He is a hard worker that won't quit until his assignment has attained the level of his high standards. On top of these skills, Vignesh is also a great listener and communicator, which helps him transform his great ideas into real results.

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