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Vineeth Madhusudanan


Vineeth Madhusudanan

Former Product Leader, Facebook

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Vineeth is a Product Manager at Statsig. Before this, he worked as a Product Leader at Facebook and Microsoft.

His first decade working was spent at Microsoft, building Enterprise IT applications that helped Microsoft scale. In his second decade there, he was a founding member of the Office365 team - building the tech for on-premises customers to coexist with the cloud, creating hyper-scale data center automation, and helping infuse intelligence from machine learning into Office365.

At Facebook, he worked on the video infrastructure that powered the family of apps including Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp, Oculus, and of course Facebook. Key focuses included better serving people watching video in emerging markets and reimagining the video delivery stack on the internet.

At Facebook, Vineeth learned a new way to build product. Facebook enjoys a data-driven, bottoms-up culture. This is enabled by the tools and infrastructure to automatically create A/B tests when new features are shipped. Progressive rolling out new features (ramping 1% -> 10% -> 100% users) automatically computes impact on all metrics for every single change. This allows Facebook to double down on ideas that work and abandon ideas that don't.

Statsig exists to make this same infrastructure available to everyone, instead of being locked inside companies like Facebook, Airbnb, Spotify, Amazon, and Microsoft (much has changed in a decade!).

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