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Vitaly Vinogradow

AI Product Leader, Revolut

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Vitaly Vinogradow stands as a seasoned AI Product Leader with a robust entrepreneurial background, boasting over a decade of experience delivering cutting-edge tech products to the global market. His portfolio includes the successful launch of several groundbreaking products in the domains of Generative AI, Computer Vision, and Identity Verification. As an AI Product Leader at Revolut, Vitaly spearheaded the launch of a Selfie, Voice, and Documents Verification product, significantly increasing conversion rates by +10% and slashing fraud rates by -10x during login flow for a massive user base of 1 million+ across 40+ countries. Pioneering the use of Generative AI for this project and a Personal Finance Assistant that is currently in production, he currently leads a diverse team of 20+ data scientists and software engineers.

Prior roles underscore Vitaly's knack for innovation, including his tenure as a Product Manager at WeGoTrip, where he launched a Gen AI Powered Content Generation tool that revolutionized audio travel tour creation, reducing production costs by 10x. Notably, at Ntechlab, he successfully launched a Computer Vision based Selfie and Documents Verification product for mobile banks, reaching a remarkable 1 million+ transactions per year. As a Product Manager at Ivideon, he introduced a SaaS Business Analytics product for offline retail based on Computer Vision, garnering over 1,000 monthly subscriptions.

Vitaly's academic foundation in Economics & Management from Maritime State University complements his wealth of industry expertise. Beyond his professional achievements, colleagues commend Vitaly for his efficient team management, strategic vision, and the ability to foster innovative solutions. Testimonials from colleagues at Revolut highlight his kind and responsive nature, his rare combination of tech talent and product creativity, and his outstanding work ethic, making him not just a proficient leader but a personable and inspiring figure in the world of product management.

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