Vyom Nagrani


Vyom Nagrani

Principal Group PM Manager, Microsoft

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Vyom is a proven leader with an analytical problem-solving mindset and effective interpersonal skills. He has a successful track record of seeding and implementing new business ideas to generate new revenue streams and increase profitability through business strategy and operations. Vyom’s experience includes interacting with Senior Management for pitching new business propositions and product roadmap, seeking resource funding, and reporting business metrics and progress. He is now working as a Principal Group PM Manager at Microsoft where he leads a team of Product Managers in the company’s developer division. Previously, he was a Director of Product Management at Oracle Cloud, guiding the team with the insights, driving the execution of product roadmap to achieve strategic goals for this area, and creating epics and detailed user stories that clearly articulate desired product functionality. Additionally, Vyom collaborated with Product Management, User Experience, Development, QA, and Documentation teams to deliver great, innovative products to Oracle’s customers. Prior to these roles, Vyom was a Manager of Product Management at Amazon Web Services, managing a team of Product Managers for AWS Lambda. Though he began as a Senior Product Manager, managing AWS Lambda roadmap and evangelism, including defining and prioritizing product deliverables, shipping new features, managing product performance, customer use-cases, and driving long-term business strategy. Vyom led the product requirements and launch of Amazon EC2 Container Service and defined customer experience, and managed overall pricing strategy for Amazon EC2 business, including existing pricing models such as On-Demand and Reserved-Instances while innovating on new-pricing models and helping customers manage their costs. 

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