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Waldron Aw

former Product Leader, Meta

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Waldron Aw is a former Product Leader at Meta, known for his inventive approach and strategic prowess. He's made significant contributions as both the "Access & Approvals" and "Enterprise Stores" Product Manager, striving to boost Metamates' efficiency and advance the mission of global connectivity.

Before joining Meta, Waldron served as a Product Manager at in the Netherlands, focusing on "Performance Marketing." In this role, he designed cutting-edge tools and capabilities, facilitating traveler engagement and simplifying their global adventures. Waldron stands out for his deep MarTech and mobile technology knowledge, as well as his unwavering dedication to innovation. His unique talent lies in his ability to dissect the wider impact of products on businesses and customers. His knack for asking insightful questions and his experimental spirit set him apart as a remarkable Product Manager.

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