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Warren Durrett

Senior Director of Product, EA

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With a wealth of experience spanning communications, fintech, healthcare, and gaming industries, Warren Durrett is a distinguished product leader known for his expertise in identifying and evaluating untapped market opportunities. He is a passionate advocate of data-driven decision-making and is adept at developing strategies and product approaches that capture revenue and deliver value to users. His exceptional ability to build high-performing, collaborative, and cross-functional teams has been instrumental in driving maximum growth and fostering a culture of innovation.

Warren's impact in the gaming realm during his time as Senior Director of Product at Electronic Arts (EA) has been truly remarkable. He spearheaded the introduction of experimentation and lifecycle management capabilities in several triple-A games, fostering a data-informed culture and revolutionizing gaming experiences. Moreover, his guidance of a cross-company team led to the development of a major app that significantly reduced code and start-up time, enhancing user satisfaction. His exceptional leadership skills also played a pivotal role in reducing employee churn by 40%, a testament to his ability to inspire and elevate teams to unparalleled levels of success.

Notably, Warren's strategic thinking has been a key driver of success in all his roles, at leading companies including Microsoft and Meta. He possesses a deep understanding of how product strategy aligns with overall company objectives, ensuring each step taken is in line with the greater vision. His effective communication skills enable him to seamlessly convey complex ideas to diverse audiences, be it executives, staff, or conference attendees. His exceptional track record as a Senior Director of Product Management for AI + Data Platform at Electronic Arts (EA) and Senior Manager of Data Science at Meta underscores his ability to deliver groundbreaking solutions and drive innovation in the industry.

Recommendations from colleagues attest to Warren's unwavering dedication, outstanding collaboration skills, and remarkable problem-solving acumen. He is a high-velocity executor who leads initiatives with purpose, consistently achieving goals while adeptly handling roadblocks. In addition, his genuine care for his team members' personal and professional growth sets him apart as a leader who fosters lasting relationships and creates a positive work environment.

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