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Will Perkins


Will Perkins

Senior Product Manager, Deliveroo

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Will is a hands-on Product Manager at Deliveroo, Europe’s most exciting and innovative tech company. A former British Army officer, Will is interested in the role of the Product Manager as a leader and a proponent of developing small unit cohesion to turbo-charge the performance of the agile product team. He has applied the principles of compassionate military leadership in a tech startup environment to great effect. He is an inspiring and competent leader who inspires and leads teams through hyper-growth, operating pioneering business models all whilst navigating complex regulatory environments. This ability to lead has taken Will outside of Operations Management into Product Management. Alongside his leadership talent, Will is an experienced operations manager and a skilled product owner capable of overcoming any challenge, however great or technically demanding. His passion and undivided customer-focus is the key to his success. He holds a Masters Degree in International Relations and Affairs from King's College London and has over 3 years of experience in Product Management.

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