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Yana Tsareva

Senior Technical Product Manager, AWS

Yana Tsareva brings over nine years of expertise in the high-tech industry, spanning roles in product management, technical marketing, and customer support, all with a focus on consumer products. Yana is known for her proficiency in building mission-critical customer experiences, rapidly developing proof of concepts, and making data-driven decisions. Currently, she's at the forefront of product and feature development for the #1 app on Amazon Fire devices – Silk Browser at Amazon Web Services (AWS).

In her role at AWS, Yana is a cross-functional Senior Technical Product Manager. She leads a team of engineers, UX designers, researchers, data analysts, and PMs to innovate and enhance user engagement. Yana collaborates extensively within Amazon and across various divisions to ensure seamless product integration, safety, and reliability, making her a key player in delivering exceptional browsing experiences.

Before her role at AWS, Yana spent a few years at Intel as a Senior Product Support Engineer. Her responsibilities included developing worldwide product support strategies, handling complex technical escalations, and analyzing customer trends, contributing to substantial revenue growth. With an MBA from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and a Master's degree in Business Informatics from the Higher School of Economics, Yana combines her educational background with hands-on experience to drive innovation and customer satisfaction in the tech industry.

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