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Yash Shah

Data Scientist, Visa

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Yash is a full-stack Data Science Professional specializing in quantitative modeling and deep learning AI to develop predictive products and create data-driven strategies for sustainable growth hacking and optimize customer + product life cycle management. Currently, he works as a Data Scientist at Visa, overseeing Travel Predict, E-commerce Propensity, Credit Risk, Predictive Portfolio Management, and Artificial Intelligence. Since Yash began working at Visa, he’s designed an AI strategy, platform ecosystem and conceptual architecture to build an end-to-end, enabled proactive benchmarking and anticipative prescriptive actions to inform and improve product strategy, built a credit model to predict enterprise credit risk by leveraging visa transaction and customer data, and designed an RNN-based deep learning architecture to predict growth propensities for e-commerce behaviors. Most recently, he’s been driving engagement with cross border travelers and built a multi-target deep learning network using Keras to predict the likelihood of a cardholder traveling to a city. Though, Yash began at Visa interning in Advanced Analytics department, where he optimized User Experience for Visa Checkout (an e-commerce payment solution), designed a prescriptive and predictive analytics engine to forecast and baseline User Conversion metrics and devised a Machine Learning based simulation algorithm to help evaluate the impact of strategic goals. Yash graduated with a 4.0 and a Master in Science in Operations Research from Columbia University. 

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