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Yasmin El Baily

Staff Product Manager, Pinterest

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Yasmin El Baily, a Staff Product Manager at Pinterest, possesses a remarkable history of leading teams and delivering innovative, user-centric products. Currently, she is leading product vision and strategy for saving and content supply growth to help users save any content that inspires them across the internet on Pinterest. Her journey at Pinterest is a testament to her ability to build magical and impactful products that power shopping and content acquisition at the company. Her resilience, rigor, and ability to bring together large cross-functional teams has allowed her to successfully traverse challenging initiatives. Yasmin has been responsible for developing the product strategy for merchant onboarding and activation, which includes the highly successful Verified Merchant Program. She is dedicated to implementing rigorous quality controls that ensure only the best brands are showcased to Pinterest's users.

Yasmin thrives on tackling complex challenges and has a knack for inspiring teams to generate innovative solutions. Beyond Pinterest, Yasmin's career has been marked by impactful contributions. She played a pivotal role in defining the commercialization plan for Cruise's autonomous fleet and worked on transformative projects at Citadel Capital and The Boston Consulting Group. Passionate about both protecting the environment and animal welfare, Yasmin consistently seeks opportunities to create innovative products and teams that make a meaningful difference in people's lives.

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