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A New Era of Personalization Is Here

Learn how to use Recency, Frequency, and Monetary value (RFM) Segmentation to drive Growth & Engagement

In this free eBook from Product School and MoEngage, you will learn:

  • Why traditional personalization falls short
  • How to use RFM Segmentation to drive growth
  • What this new era of personalization will look like.. and more!

What’s Inside...

Brands that want to connect with users know that personalization is the key to engagement, growth, and retention. Traditional segmentation methods fall short on delivering relevant, individualized experiences. RFM Segmentation offers a new and better path:

  • Traditional Segmentation Methods
  • The RFM Model of Customer Value

  • Customer Insights
  • Journey Insights
  • Campaign Insights

  • Creating More Effective Segments Using RFM Score
  • Developing Personalized Engagement Strategies

  • This Case Study Details One Brand’s Journey Implementing a Test Using the RFM Segmentation Strategy

  • Welcome to the Digital Age of 1 to 1 Engagement

Get Ready for a Deeper Level of Personalization

Make your users feel like every communication, feature deployment, or innovation is designed specifically for them with RFM Segmentation. Read the free eBook from Product School and MoEngage today.


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Learn How to Use (RFM) Segmentation to Drive Growth & Engagement

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