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"Launch" Ebook, the Roadmap to Product Management Success

Product Management, if anything, is a heavily hands-on discipline! You learn by listening to others who have tried, failed, and succeeded before you.

This is why we’ve gathered some of the best insights from industry leaders working for top companies like Tinder, Disney, Uber, FX, Dollar Shave Club, and more.

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What's Inside "Launch"

  1. Product Psychology by Samantha Stevens, Director of Product Management at Tinder
  2. Blockchain In Product by Jason Robert Trikakis, CEO at Hellosugoi
  3. Human Ingenuity in AR/VR Products by Kathleen Cohen, Sr. Producer and Project Manager at Disney
  4. The SaaS PM by Guy Assedou, Fmr Product Manager at PlayStation
  5. Break Your Own Product Rules by Ryan Mick, Director of Product Management at Tinder
  6. Building Products With Empathy by Loren Khulusi, Sr. Product Manager at Dollar Shave Club
  7. Five Truths In Life and PM by Ariel Butters, Fmr Product Manager at Omaze
  8. Being a PM for Enterprise Products by Giovanni Gardelli, Fmr Product Manager at Snapcht Inc.
  9. Marketplace Product Management by Tal Flanchraych, Fmr Product Leas at WAG Labs Inc

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