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Drive durable growth through customer-centricity

Resilient products are customer-focused. “The Product Mindset” is a free eBook created by Product School and Gainsight. Inside you’ll learn how a customer-first mindset leads to:

  • Increased revenue and lower cost of customer acquisition
  • Personalized, relevant products that address core user needs
  • High-impact and mission-driven prioritization

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What’s Inside 'The Product Mindset'

Change your Product Mindset to transform your product into a winning solution. A Product Mindset is the responsibility of the entire team—during discovery, prototyping, building, launch, and beyond, you’ll work together to keep customers front-of-mind:

  • During times of market slowdown, customer-centricity is what makes resilient products
  • Getting to know your customer = lower cost of customer acquisition and increased revenue retention

  • Make customer-centricity a team responsibility 
  • Connect with real customers and see how they react to your product in their environment

  • Listening to your customer isn’t enough
  • The difference between Customer Voice and Customer Insights

  • Use your customer knowledge to cut through the clutter and build what matters most

  • Thinking about AI implementation from a human perspective
  • How Product Managers gain and lose trust—in their product and in themselves

  • The potential for personalization is greater than we realize
  • The 4 elements of personalization

  • The simple formula to understand how, when and why people will use—or nor use—your product
  • Manufacturing desire and getting users invested

Build products that stick

Customer knowledge is not innate. The best Product Managers put in the work to understand exactly who is using the product, why they’re using it, and which continuous improvements will get them to stick around (and bring their friends, too!)

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