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Feature Prioritization Template

Validated by Gaurav Hardikar, Head of Consumer Product at HomeLight

Use this feature prioritization template to get clear direction on which features to include and which to leave out.  Know when to say “yes” and when to say “no.” Available in PowerPoint and Google Slides.

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Included in your feature prioritization template download:

5 feature prioritization matrix templates

A list of frameworks to mix, match, or modify based on your needs

Applied examples and visual explanations

Feature prioritization example

Prioritization is one of the most powerful Product Management skills

Your team has lots of ideas, but limited time and resources. Prioritization cuts through the ambiguity, external demands, and overwhelm by helping you focus on what’s important. When you define your priorities and apply a clear scoring system to potential features, the “what-if’s” fall away. 

These templates are a tool to help you master saying “no” to the wrong features, and “heck yeah” to the right ones. Stop stressing—Sort, rank, prioritize, and repeat.