Product Roadmap Template

Validated by Amin Bashi, VP of Product at Product School

Easy to use template to help you create your Product Roadmap and achieve a successful launch. Available in Google Slides and PowerPoint.

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Product Roadmap

Four Product Roadmap templates inside:

• Feature Roadmap: the baseline Product Roadmap that every PM has in their toolbelt

• Outcome-Based Roadmap: the latest evolution in Product Roadmapping. The model most used by today’s best PMs, this roadmap will help you ruthlessly prioritize and only build features that contribute to long-term product strategy and business success

• Agile Roadmap: for highly technical, sprint-based projects

• Visual Roadmap: a condensed, bird’s eye view of where your product is going. Ideal for communicating with stakeholders and removing knowledge barriers

PMT-Roadmap sneakpeak

Align your team on Product Vision and create the path to take them there

Roadmaps are where vision meets execution. Whether you use your Product Roadmap to get stakeholder approval or to align your team, it’s an effective visual communication tool that you and your team will reference time and time again. 

Built in a live doc with real-time multi-user editing, you can always shift strategy and plan for the inevitable detours and bumps in the road.

Plan and manage your roadmap effectively!

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