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The Product Blog is the #1 home for Product Management advice with over 1,899,553 unique visitors per month. In addition to contributions from our in-house team of experts, we are also interested in featuring a diverse range of voices from leaders in the field.

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Product Management is increasingly at the heart of business growth as PLG and a dynamic economic environment combine to reward innovation and adaptability. If you have experience leading Product Teams, solving Product challenges, and overcoming the odds to ship something great, then we want to hear from you.


  • We publish articles between 1,200 and 2,000 words
  • All articles need to be 100% unique and not published anywhere else
  • They must be relevant and actionable for our community of Product Managers
  • Though we don’t mind a bit of controversy, articles should generally be informative and motivational

what we looking for

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Please send your original articles or pitches to [email protected]. Please include a brief bio of yourself, mention the target readership, and state if you will be promoting any links or products within your article.

We are not interested in publishing articles that are merely self-promotional, and do have a modest budget to pay for select external contributors who meet our high standards and have something original to say.

Looking forward to helping you share your story and insights with the Product community!

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