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Adrianna Berring

Content Editor

Adrianna is a Mexican-American, Madrid-based Content Associate at Product School. She knows a little about a lot, and especially likes learning about communication and business-driven social change.

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Product Analytics

How to Leverage AI in Product Analytics: The Ultimate Guide

Learn how you can use AI Product Analytics to improve business and product outcomes, sift through massive datasets, and make better decisions.

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Product School Launches New Product Leader Certification

We’re excited to announce the new Product Leader Certification (PLC)™! Work towards your next promotion and identify the skills you need to advance to the next rung on the Product Management career ladder.

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Future of Tech

10 Product Management Skills That AI Will Never Automate

Artificial Intelligence. Love it or hate it, it’s here to stay. The question is... Will AI replace Product Managers? Signs point to no – There are just some skills that can't be automated!

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What You Missed at ProductCon New York 2023

ProductCon New York had it all: From GenAI solutions, to breaking down silos, to taking that next step in your Product Management career.

Card: Industries Hiring PMs right now
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Job Search Advice

Industries Hiring Product Managers Right Now

Even as Big Tech faces challenges, the field of Product Management continues to grow. In a few industries, demand for Product Managers is increasing: Fintech, Logistics, Medicine, SaaS, and AI are the biggest players!

Card: ProductCon New York: Hotels, Restaurants, and How to Get There
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ProductCon New York: Hotels, Restaurants, and How to Get There

Going to ProductCon New York? Here's your city event guide on how get there, where to stay, and what to eat! Read on for recommendations on food, stay, and travel.

Card: Find Your Product Management Valentine
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Product Fundamentals

Find Your Product Management Valentine

Is it a match? We ask this question in our personal lives, but have you ever tried it out on your Product Team? See if you'd swipe right on these Product Manager profiles.

Card: Ask Me Anything: Product Discovery and the Problem Space
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Product Fundamentals

Ask Me Anything: Product Discovery and the Problem Space

Your questions, answered by Product Leaders at, AWS, and American Express. This month, we talked Product Discovery, User Research, making product decisions, and more.

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Product Fundamentals

Involving Engineering in Product Discovery with Tinder Senior PM

Sandhya Ganesh, Sr. Product Manager at Tinder, on gut feeling vs data and involving Engineering in the discovery process.

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