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Anabela Morey

Content Editor

Anabela Morey is a Content Specialist at Product School. She originates from Latin America, specifically Brazil and Venezuela. She is passionate about the power of education and empowering those who need it the most. During her free time, she enjoys taking part in outdoor actives, sports and is a fanatic football fan.

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Working in Office
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Attraction and Recruitment

Finding the Best Talent with Facebook Product Recruiting Leader

This week Product School hosted Diana Chen, Product Recruiting Leader at Facebook for an #AskMeAnything session.

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Career Development

Inside Look: A Day as a Product Manager with Agoda Sr PM

Learn how to transition to Product, the main metrics for e-commerce, and how to stand out as a young PM with Deepak Kumar Singh.

team working and planing
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Product Strategy

Creating Great Roadmaps By Drift Director of Product

Learn how to transition between Product roles, the importance of roadmapping and the best way to land a PM job from Maggie Crowley.

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