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Artificial Intelligence Product Certification (AIPC™) Debut

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April 18, 2024 - 7 min read

Updated: May 6, 2024 - 7 min read

The debut of the Artificial Intelligence Product Certification (AIPC)™ marks the first chapter in Product School’s most innovative and ambitious offering yet.

Launching with a vibrant inaugural cohort, AIPC™ reached full capacity with enthusiastic students from across the globe from the US, Japan, India, the Philippines, Canada, Australia, and more. This melting pot of diverse perspectives and backgrounds set the stage for a truly unparalleled learning journey. 

We were honored and humbled to receive 4.5/5 satisfaction score from students. Our goal is for our students to have an incredible learning experience, so when we saw the positive response from the AIPC™ students, we were over the moon. Check out the AIPC™ alums’ testimonials below!

Spanning 15 hours, the AIPC™ curriculum was meticulously crafted into 6 comprehensive modules covering every aspect of AI products. The breadth and depth of knowledge imparted were both vast and profound.

 The cohort strategized AI initiatives leveraging their companies' USPs, built low-code AI applications, and wrote Generative AI Product Requirements Documents (PRDs) incorporating nuanced design of AI-native user experiences. 

To ensure a deeply engaging and practical learning experience, AIPC™ integrated instructor-led sessions with hands-on exercises, enabling students to absorb the theoretical aspects and actively apply their newfound knowledge in real-world scenarios. As always, we empower students to not just understand product development but to gain practical experience developing products. Despite the complexity of artificial intelligence, we knew AIPC™ could be no different.

As we reflect on this successful launch, we are grateful to the students who took a leap of faith on a new course on a new technology that few people truly understand. By doing so, they joined that elite group of AI experts in the product field. We were honored to take that step alongside them.

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How We Empower Product Managers to Master AI

What to expect from AIPC

At Product School, we strongly believe that every Product Manager must evolve into an AI Product Manager. This vision is what fueled the creation of our AI-Powered Product Certification (AIPC)™. Recognizing a significant gap in the skillset of many current Product Managers when it comes to AI, we crafted AIPC™ as the bridge to the future.

Companies want to build AI features, but their teams lack the necessary skills. We created AIPC to teach product managers how to build AI-powered products. — Samantha Stevens, former Product Leader at Google

Samantha Stevens, former Product Leader from Google and CEO at CatalistAI, authored the curriculum of AIPC™. With her at the helm as the instructor for the inaugural cohort, the curriculum is steeped in real-world relevance and cutting-edge insights. 

At the heart of AIPC™ lies our commitment to excellence and relevance, upheld by a roster of instructors who are not just educators but seasoned Silicon Valley veterans with tangible, hands-on experience in AI. This ensures that every module is infused with the practical wisdom that can only come from those who have navigated the challenges of AI product development firsthand.

Tailored specifically for product professionals, AIPC™ is intensive and practical by design. Within a compact 15 hours, the course empowers students to dive deep into AI specialization, emerging not just with theoretical knowledge but with tangible assets to showcase their expertise, including an AI Product Requirements Document (PRD) for their portfolio and the experience of building their own AI-powered chatbot.

What You’ll Learn in AIPC ™

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Elevating Skills for the AI Era: Your Journey Through AIPC™

Embarking on the AIPC™ journey, product managers are set to transform their approach to product management by mastering the art and science of integrating AI into their products. Here’s a glimpse into the core skills and knowledge you will acquire:

Harnessing AI’s Potential

You'll start by uncovering the myriad ways AI can enhance product value, setting the stage for your capstone project. an AI Product Requirements Document (PRD) that embodies your newfound expertise.

Integrating AI

Diving into Large Language Models (LLMs), you’ll learn to discern which model best suits your product needs and how to train it effectively. You’ll apply your knowledge building a low-code application powered by an LLM.

blog image: example project aipc

Designing User-Centric AI Experiences

The course emphasizes the importance of user experience in AI products, guiding you through the process of identifying AI-driven product opportunities and integrating AI features that build user trust and enhance product functionality.

Data-Driven AI Optimization

You will delve into AI-specific metrics, equipping you with the tools to meticulously evaluate and optimize AI features using an evaluation rubric for human assessment of generative AI outputs.

Becoming a 10x Product Manager with AI

AI not only transforms products but also the processes behind their creation. You’ll explore how AI can amplify your capabilities across the board, from data analysis to wireframing.

Crafting the AI PRD

The culmination of your AIPC™ journey is the creation and presentation of a comprehensive AI PRD. This final project is your opportunity to showcase the full spectrum of skills and insights gained, demonstrating your readiness to head out into the world of AI products.

AI PRD Template

Plan, strategize, and align stakeholders around the key requirements unique to AI products.

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Lifetime Access to AI Product Resources

On-Demand Video

AIPC on demand video content

Come back to two full hours of on-demand value-packed lessons whenever you need a refresher on what you learned or want to circle back for any reason.

AI Templates

Every module comes with templates specifically designed for PMs working on AI products. But, why wait when you can download AI product templates from our resources section now?

Free AI Product Templates

Product School's AI templates, validated by Sam Stevens, Former Product Leader at Google, are here to guide PMs in developing and launching AI-powered features.

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What Former AIPC™ Students Have to Say

Don’t take our word for it. See what graduates of the first even AIPC™ cohort had to say about their experience. 

The hands-on approach of the course has been invaluable. It provided insights into how to build Generative AI-powered products, creating an AI product strategy, selecting the right model for your product, effective prompt engineering, designing AI-native UX and much more. The collective wisdom of my fellow PMs in the class, coupled with Sam’s mentorship, were truly invaluable, providing me with a wealth of knowledge and perspectives.

Amit Behera

Why I value a (paid-for) AI certification from Product School and why I would recommend it to my peers:  Sam Stevens is a Top AI Voice on LinkedIn. She developed the inaugural course, which means… 𝑻𝒉𝒆 𝒔𝒚𝒍𝒍𝒂𝒃𝒖𝒔 is exactly what you need to know as a Product person. How do you change the typical PRD to now include AI components? How do you work with your team on the never-before risks with AI such as hallucinations?
It’s a new thing for Product people to know how to price-out different use cases for token costs amongst different LLMs and how to weigh the financial ROI of any given choice against your product requirements. As a Leader or IC, you need to know both. This course teaches both from a Product lens. You’ll also build an AI bot. Super fun!

Kat Buchholz

What an unbelievably invaluable experience!! Through the certification, I learned a lot about AI, myself, and how to keep current with the rapid changes in the industry. No doubt that I will be a better product leader, and I look forward to building our AI PM community. 

Josh Gray

𝗚𝗿𝗮𝘁𝗶𝘁𝘂𝗱𝗲 𝘁𝗼 Product School: for comprehensive and well-structured course, and excellent organisation of working process. Definitely recommend and I will continue to learn with you guys!

Alona Dobshynska

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Updated: May 6, 2024

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