Proddy: Best SaaS Product

More than ever, businesses are relying less and less on in-person conferences. This is largely due to the increased number of people working remotely. Thanks to Zoom, there is now an option to make video conferencing an even greater and more effective experience. Based on cloud computing, the no-frills services allow Zoom to take significant strides in being a major player in the conferencing market.

There are several reasons why zoom is being chosen over its competitors. One such reason is that Zoom offers one consistent enterprise experience for all of its users, which has done wonders for streamlining communication and making meetings more effortless than before. This consistent enterprise experience is also engineered and optimized for top of the line reliability and security (two of the key pillars to their success).

The capacity of what Zoom offers also adds to the large list of features that distinguishes them as the gold medal winner. Even with the most straightforward and affordable pricing, Zoom is capable of hosting  1,000 video participants plus 10 thousand viewers.

All these features allow companies to keep communication as streamline as possible. As we have previously mentioned on “How to Work Together on Product Development“, keeping communication at the forefront is essential for success.

There are several pricing options for businesses looking to utilize these services. The “basic” free package is an exceptionally good offer, considering that it allows for unlimited meetings, 100 participant capacity, and dedicated online support. For group meetings with the free product, there is a 40-minute time limit. For those who do need the extra time, they are in luck because the “pro package” offers up to 24 hours of meeting time, while the “business package” offers unlimited meeting time. Advanced packages also have a whole host of other offers that can help businesses optimize all aspects of conferencing.


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