Proddys: Best Blockchain Product

Both buyers and vendors want to feel secure when they are making business transactions, yet this can often be more complicated than expected. Thanks to the blockchain based products at Bankex, purchasers and sellers alike can feel confident transferring funds and services through Bankex’s escrow services.

The days of worrying about dealing with untrustworthy individuals have essentially been rendered obsolete thanks to Bankex. With their digital deals and smart contracts, the risk of a vendor “ghosting” on a project is alleviated, thus helping make transactions fluid and stress-free. Furthermore, if a transaction does run into an issue – poor work, missed deadlines, or a stop in communication – Bankex provides impartial arbiters to assess the case, and get back the funds that are deserved. These multifunctional contracts are powered by their Blockchain Scanner, which enables customers to track deals throughout the entire timeline of the transaction process.

Perhaps the greatest feature of Bankex is how user-friendly and seamless the products are. The straightforward nature instills a sense of tranquillity in what is otherwise a typically stressful endeavor. The impactfulness of such products is undeniable, hence the reason for Bankex being the gold standard for this year’s blockchain award.


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