Proddys: Best Contribution to Inclusiveness and Diversity

Inclusiveness continues to be one of the hottest topics in the modern era, and for very good reason. Now that the world is becoming an increasingly large melting pot of cultures and ideologies, companies that aim to include majority and minority communities alike are making strides to become leaders of industry. Slack is a perfect example of a company that is presenting products that make a point to highlight diversity and inclusiveness.

Immediately upon signing into the Slack platform, one is greeted with a waving hand emoji, only this emoji rather than sticking to one skin tone rotates through the entire spectrum. Emojis, however, are just a minuscule fraction of how Slack became the front runner for chat system products. Slack has made a name for itself by providing services for businesses and brands of all sizes and scale, and their focus on creating a user-friendly product highlights the company’s message of empathy, care, and inclusivity.

While Slack has a free service that is effective (and fun!) to use, they also provide “Standard” and “Plus” options for those who want an enhanced version of the product. Each level of service is fantastic, but for the companies that do go premium, all the additional features can be viewed here.

All in all, Slack manages to create products and communities that are unique and special. This inclusion of diversity is just one key facet to why Slack is so successful. This high-standard of the product is not a new occurrence. At Product School, we continue to use Slack as the communication platform of choice and have done so for years now. For those who are curious about more aspects of Slack’s business, our blog “How To Break Into Product Management” covers a wide range of interesting and highly insightful details that many will find useful.

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