Proddys: Best Data Product

For those who have an interest in taking a deep dive into their SaaS data, Pendo is the place to go. As a business analytics service company, Pendo takes some serious pride in making “software lovable”, which is not something all competitors in this field can claim.  With Pendo, customers are able to guide their users by creating product experiences that they “can’t live without”.

How exactly does Pendo accomplish these bold assertions? First and foremost, Pendo is a product cloud that allows customers to capture all user activity in their product without coding. This enables customers unprecedented ability to analyze data on a very detailed scale. Adding to this, companies are able to gather incredibly high-quality user feedback with in-app surveys, as well as the ability to monitor and track behaviors that lead to the highest level of satisfaction using NPS scores.

Pendo offers two different products: Pendo Vox and Pendo Product Cloud. Pendo Vox makes NPS surveys available to customers while also providing Slack updates. Pendo Product Cloud is the paid service that provides the whole package of product analytics, surveys, polls, personalized guides, and more.



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